The Department of Post Does Not Look After Bentakar Sub Post Office, Voice Rised by Social Worker Bulei Behera

Cuttack Sadar: Cuttack Sadar 42 Mouza Bentakar Sub Post Office which is old one with more public use this post office, having one Honda Company (EXK 2800) 220 Volt generator not working last four months in the meantime 42 mouza Electrical Division for there infrastructure expandason,development & maintenance work in every month 2 days supply of electricity break down so unfortunately link gone off of post office one day full & also for electric supply issue for all this problem it observed post office daily work has been closed. For generator issues informed by the team to the superior officer but neither took any action nor reaction.Moreover 42 Mouza belongs to 6 nos of Gram Panchayat lots of public using this with 5 nos of Branch post office that is Jhinkiria,Dadhibamanapur,Kalapada,Kulasarichuan & Jharakata also fully depends. So if the main post of 42 Mouza Bentakar is not working, all other regular works are stopped at that time. For this reason the public called the Head post office of Cuttack vide telephone number 0671-2304151 but no one has picked calls. So concerned responsibility departmental officers take the matter seriously with necessary action to repair the Generator & the Public will get service easily & obelized. All this matter brings notice to superior officers of India Post Department through press releases by the Advisor team of 42 Mouza Bikash Parisad and 42 Mouza Yadav Mahasabha Honorable President Mr.Bulei Behera respectively.

Sunil Kumar Dhangadamajhi

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