Allegations of Irregularities in Supply of Sports Materials to GPs: Demand for High-Level Probe

Kesinga: The government’s efforts to enhance sports infrastructure in rural areas have faced scrutiny due to alleged irregularities in the supply of sports materials to Gram Panchayats (GPs). While plans are in place to engage youth in sports at the grassroots level, concerns have arisen regarding the quality and transparency of material distribution.

Kesinga Block Sarpanch Association Raises Concerns

The Kesinga Block Sarpanch Association has expressed dissatisfaction and called for a thorough investigation. According to available information, 26 GPs within the Kesinga block received a total allocation of ₹65 lakh (₹2.5 lakh per GP) for sports materials. However, these materials are now under scrutiny for their alleged inferior quality.

Irregularities and Suspicions

Several irregularities have come to light:
1. Quality Concerns: The sports materials supplied to GPs are suspected to be subpar, raising questions about the procurement process and the authenticity of the items.
2. Tender Process: The tender process, managed at the block level, has drawn attention. Allegations of rule violations and collusion between the Block Development Officer (BDO) and the block chairman have surfaced.
3. Lack of Transparency: In addition to material quality, the absence of regular meetings within the block has fueled dissatisfaction. Block chairman and BDO decisions appear unilateral, leaving Sarpanchs uninformed.

Intellectual Voices

Intellectual circles emphasize the need for transparency and accountability. They assert that bringing this matter into the public domain is essential to address the alleged irregularities effectively. The Kesinga community awaits a high-level probe to restore trust and ensure fair distribution of sports materials across Gram Panchayats.

Sunil Kumar Dhangadamajhi

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