5th Kalahandi District Level Badminton Competition Set to Thrill Sports Enthusiasts

Kalahandi, YNN (Rajat Bansal): The excitement is palpable as the 5th Kalahandi District Level Badminton Competition gears up for two action-packed days on the 27th and 28th of this month. The Kalahandi Badminton Association, in a decisive general meeting chaired by President Pradeep Das, finalized the event details.

Inclusive Competitions

Players from all walks of life will showcase their skills in singles, doubles, and mixed doubles categories. From the junior section to the veteran players, the championship promises intense battles on the court. The association emphasized that only the most deserving players will represent Kalahandi in the state-level badminton competition.

Nurturing Talent

President Das expressed optimism about unearthing exceptional talent within the district. “Our coaching efforts will extend to Bhawanipatna, Junagarh, Dharamgarh, Kesinga, Narla, and Madanpur Rampur,” he stated. With the district administration’s support, the best players will emerge, ready to make their mark at the state level.

Sports enthusiasts and badminton aficionados are eagerly awaiting this thrilling event. Let the shuttlecocks fly and the racquets clash as Kalahandi celebrates its sporting spirit!

Sunil Kumar Dhangadamajhi

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