Primary Teachers’ Association Meets with Block Education Officer to Address Key Issues

Lanjigarh (Nilesh Kumar Nag): In a significant move to address the challenges faced by teachers, the Lanjigarh block branch of the All Utkal Primary Teacher’s Association held a crucial meeting with Block Education Officer Namita Rani Bhoi. The session focused on various pressing issues impacting the teachers in the block.

The association highlighted the need for suitable land to establish a new office, aiming to improve administrative efficiency and accessibility for the teaching community. Additionally, there was a strong emphasis on upgrading the current office facilities, which lack basic amenities like drinking water and proper toilets, to create a conducive work environment.

The timely disbursement of pending dues to teachers was a major point of discussion, with the association urging the authorities to ensure that teachers receive their owed payments promptly. Speeding up the paperwork process for retired teachers was also stressed as a priority, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition for retiring teachers. Furthermore, the association called for an expedited regularization process for junior teachers, highlighting the importance of stability and job security. They also discussed the necessity of timely updates to teachers’ service books, as accurate and up-to-date records are vital for the professional growth and benefits of the teachers.

The meeting saw the attendance of several key figures including Block President Pramod Kumar Mohanty, General Secretary M.S. Shekhar, Additional Block Education Officers Drona Rana, Sudhaladev Mund, and Lakshmipriya Muduli, District Vice President (Association) Archana Mishra, Block Vice Presidents Tapan Kumar Bhoi and Chintamani Biswal, along with Block officials Gurugobinda Mohanty, Prakash Padhan, Soubhagya Ranjan Sahu, and Monalisa Jena. Other attendees included Bhubaneswar Sahu, Ratnakar Dora, Sunil Mallik, Jalandhar Majhi, Sharat Sahani, Chinmaya Muduli, Jagadish Putta, Parameswar Naik, Shibaram Pradhan, Jitendra Nayak, Bhawani Barik, Chandan Sahu, etc.

During the meeting, General Secretary M.S. Shekhar announced that the Block Association will organize the Bana Mahotsav programme in July, an initiative aimed at engaging the community and promoting environmental awareness.

The meeting concluded with a resolve to continue working collaboratively towards addressing the issues faced by teachers, ensuring their well-being and professional development.

Sunil Kumar Dhangadamajhi

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