Demand to Include Mahagaon-Sarian Road in PMGSY

Kalahandi, YNN: The call to include the Mahagaon to Sarian road in the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna (PMGSY) has grown stronger. The unpaved road connecting Mahagaon in Kesinga block to Sarian in Narla block has deteriorated significantly due to neglect. Currently, it is unsuitable for four-wheelers and poses serious challenges even for motorcycles. The road is riddled with potholes, making it hazardous, yet the administration remains unresponsive.

Mahagaon, a predominantly tribal area, relies heavily on Sarian village in the neighboring Narla block for essential services like education, healthcare, and trade. Students from Mahagaon and surrounding areas attend Sarian High School for quality education, but during the rainy season, the road’s poor condition makes it nearly impossible for them to reach the school. The villagers also face numerous difficulties throughout the year due to the road’s condition.

Several local leaders and residents have voiced their concerns, including Kesinga Block Vice Chairman Ms. Rajalakshmi Pattanayak, Deogaon Panchayat Sarpanch Mr. Dambarudhar Pattanayak, Gaigaon Sarpanch Mr. Pramod Sahu, Gokulaswar Sarpanch Mr. Keshulal Tandi, Sarian Sarpanch Mr. Omprakash Chhatria, social worker & Kundabandh Samiti Member Mr. Manoj Kumar Patnaik, Kesinga Block Adivasi Sangha President Mr. Mohan Sabar, Sarian Samiti Member Mr. Bhaskar Bhoi, Mahgaon ward members Mr. Arabinda Sabar and Mr. Krupasindhu Sabar, Retired Head Teacher Mr. Keshari Sabar, Former Samiti Member Gajindra Sabar, and Domb Samaj Vice President Anil Behera. Despite repeated appeals to the administration, no progress has been made.

Previously, a central team assessed the condition of the Mahagaon-Sarian road, but due to administrative instability, the road was not constructed. In a recent meeting in Mahagaon, it was resolved that if the road is not included in the PMGSY plan, there will be significant protests in the coming days. The intellectuals and community leaders urged the rural development department and the Kalahandi district administration to urgently incorporate the Mahagaon-Sarian road into the PMGSY plan and expedite its construction to prevent further hardship for the villagers.

Sunil Kumar Dhangadamajhi

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