BTS’ V teams up with NewJeans’ producer Min Hee Jin for solo album

Seoul: BTS member V is all excited and nervous to make his much-awaited solo debut. He will be collaborating with ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin who recently confirmed the news and revealed some details about V’s solo album. Min Hee Jin is best known for producing the K-pop group NewJeans.

It was confirmed that the singer would be working with Min Hee-jin, the CEO of NewJean’s label ADOR, for his much-awaited solo album. The ADOR head is set to lead the project, including elements such as the music, choreography and promotion style.

BigHit Music also released a statement which had comments from V and Min Hee-jin where they spoke about the collaboration. “I received the offer late last year. At first, I hesitated because of scheduling issues, but I was really interested in V’s attitude and passion, as well as his voice, since I didn’t really know his voice that well,” Min Hee-jin said.

She added, “What I want the fans to pay attention to this time is the music itself. I have prepared songs that reflect V’s personal taste but also music that I suggested to him. We focused on music that we wanted to work on and music that we can easily take in, rather than music that is a familiar style,” she added. “I think we have a very fun product.”

Meanwhile, V mentioned being nervous about the album, “But [I’m] happy too. This is an album that has my personal preferences. There will be a lot of things to show. I prepared it while thinking that ARMY would be happy, so I hope you all look forward to it. You will be able to see solo artist V, which will show a new side and will be different from BTS’ V,” the singer said.

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