Gobind Sahu death mystery: Cops seize two registers to ‘match handwriting’ of deceased!

Golamunda: The Cime Branch team today reached Mahaling Regional Higher Secondary School as part of an investigation into the alleged suicide of Gobind Sahu, accused of Mamita Meher’s murder.

At 11.30 am, a two-member team led by Crime Branch DSP Bijay Kumar Mallick reached the school. The school’s secretary Kiran Kumar Singh and principal-in-charge Jaydev Mishra were present in the office room during the crime branch investigation.

According to reports, the cops first seized a meeting register likely to match the handwriting of Gobinda Sahu with the handwritten note recovered from him after his death.

Later, the crime branch team reached Gobind Sahu’s house at about 1.30 pm and stayed there for about an hour. Gobind Sahu’s elder daughter Lipi Sahu and cousin Tarini Sahu were present. The crime branch team also seized an account book register of Gobind Sahu maintained in 2009 from his house.

On the other hand, Gobind Sahu’s wife Sushma Sahu was at home but the crime branch team did not ask her anything due to her ill health.

Speculations are rife that the Crime Branch team’s visit to Mahaling, and the handwriting angle of the investigation, hints about Gobind Sahu’s last letter.

Sunil Kumar Dhangadamajhi

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