In the case of running an illegal ultrasound center

In the case of running an illegal ultrasound center

A complaint has been filed in the court against the two accused under the PCPNDT Act 1994 and Rules 1996

Deoria (Ashutosh Yadav): On the instructions of District Magistrate Jitendra Pratap Singh, a complaint has been filed in the court against two accused in the relevant sections of the PCPNDT Act 1994 in the case of running an ultrasound center without registration and qualification.

ACMO Dr Rajendra Prasad told that an unregistered ultrasound center named Charak Pathology was being run by Mahatam Pandey in Barai Tola Ward, Rudrapur. The inspection of the said ultrasound center was done on July 9, 2022 at 1:00 pm, in which it came to the notice that the ultrasound center is being operated by the center Swami Mahatam Pandey without any qualification and without registration certificate. The ultrasound machine was confiscated on the spot by the investigating team.

Similarly, unregistered ultrasound center was being operated by Dr. Suryakant Tripathi at Ashutosh Hospital, Western Bypass Road, Rudrapur. After investigation, the portable ultrasound machine of this center was also confiscated.

ACMO Dr Rajendra Prasad said that after the instructions of the DM, legal action has been started against the operators of both the centers. The operators of these illegal ultrasound centers have violated Rule 3, 9, 10 (1) of PCPNDT Rules 1996 as well as Section 3, 19 of PCPNDT Act 1994. The act of the said accused is an offense punishable under section 23 and 25 of the Act. ACMO said that all the clinical establishments in the district should be run in compliance with the rules laid down by the government. Strict action will be taken as per rules in case of violation of rules.