Poetry recitation of Pratibha Satpathy at Sahitya Akademi’s Kavisandhi

“My poems seem to be drops of tears expressed in words” – Pratibha Satpathy

New Delhi, YNN | Rajat Bansal

Eminent Odia poet Pratibha Satpathy today shared her poems and experiences into creative writing at Sahitya Akademi’s prestigious platform – Kavisandhi. She said that I have a long relationship with poetry and I have earned it because of my love for nature in my childhood. Later on, I always refined my poetic journey by reading many senior writers and poets such as Sarala Das. My poetry reflects my true experiences, joys and sorrows and the distorted truths of society. It seems as if my poems are drops of tears expressed in words. My poems symbolize constant change. Like every poet, for me too poetry is an endless endeavour. It is an act of penance without expecting any benefit. Through my poems I feel connected to the earth. She read some of her poems in the original Odia and then presented some translated poems in Hindi and English. The titles of some English poems were – ‘Just Like Earth’ and ‘No Words in Particular,’ etc. In the next segment of the programme, Hindi translations of her poems were read out by Leeladhar Mandloi, Rajendra Prasad Mishra and Paramita Shatpathy and English translations by Yashodhara Mishra, V. Bhuma, etc.

At the outset, Dr K. Sreenivasarao, Secretary, Sahitya Akademi, welcomed Pratibha Shatapathy by presenting her Angavastram and a book published by Sahitya Akademi. Many important Hindi/Odia writers and translators – Leeladhar Mandloi, Suresh Rituparna, Divik Ramesh, Girishwar Mishra, Lakshmi Kannan, Sumanyu Shatpathy, etc. were present at the programme. The programme was conducted and a vote of thanks was prposed by Dr Devendra Kumar Devesh, Deputy Secretary, Sahitya Akademi.

Sunil Kumar Dhangadamajhi

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