Marathon campaign of the BJP in the Lanjigarh constituency

Ramesh Majhi is traversing from village to village, soliciting votes

Kalahandi, YNN- The BJP is garnering more support in the Lanjigarh constituency. Ramesh Majhi, the BJP MLA candidate for Lanjigarh, is conducting a marathon campaign. Ramesh is visiting villages to meet with voters and seek their blessings. The BJP is actively campaigning in various parts of the Lanjigarh constituency. Mr. Majhi is informing voters about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s developmental schemes and advocating for the eradication of corruption from the constituency through BJP votes. On the other hand, as the elections approach, the BJP is capitalizing on divisions within the BJD and Congress, increasing the party’s influence. With the election nearing, the political climate in Lanjigarh is intensifying. Meanwhile, the BJP continues its vigorous campaign across the Lanjigarh constituency. However, BJP MLA candidate Ramesh Majhi asserted that people will vote for the BJP to combat the widespread corruption in the constituency.

Sunil Kumar Dhangadamajhi

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