Google Techie Charged With Killing Wife

California: A 27-year-old Google engineer in California has been charged with murder after he allegedly beat his wife, also a Google techie, to death and was found covered in blood near her body.

Liren Chen was found “spattered with blood” at his home and his wife’s body was in the bedroom, according to a statement by the district attorney’s office at the Santa Clara county. “She had severe blunt force injuries to her head. Chen’s right hand was extremely swollen and purple. He had blood on his clothing, legs, arms, and hands and scratches on his arm,” the statement adds.

While Chen’s wife was not named in the district attorney’s statements, multiple reports cited property documents and identified her as Xuanyi Yu. Google has confirmed to Fox News Digital that Chen and Xuanyi Yu were employees at the tech giant at the time of the incident.

The district attorney’s office said Chen has been charged with murder and faces prison if convicted. He is currently in hospital and could not be produced in court yet.

According to the statement, police received a call from an acquaintance of Chen on Tuesday. When the cops reached the spot, the acquaintance told them that Chen was not answering his phone or the door. He said he could see Chen inside and that he was “motionless on his knees, had his hands in the air and was staring blankly”.

The officers managed to enter the house and took Chen into custody. They found his wife’s body in the bedroom.

According to the LinkedIn profile of Liren Chen, he has been working with Google as a software engineer since March 2020. He has been working on an algorithm for YouTube Shorts recommendation, according to the profile. Xuanyi Yu’s LinkedIn profile states that she joined Google as a software engineer in 2021. Earlier, she had been working at Amazon. Both Liren Chen and Xuanyi Yu are alumni of a Beijing university, their profiles say.

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