Maldives Ex-Minister Issues Apology After Disrespecting Indian Flag

New Delhi: After facing backlash and criticism over social media post disrespecting the Indian national flag, suspended Maldivian minister Mariyam Shiuna issued an apology on Monday.

The post she removed featured the opposition party’s (MDP) campaign poster in which a compass was replaced with a symbol resembling the Ashok chakra. She captioned the picture that read, “The MDP is heading towards a big slip. The people of Maldives don’t want to fall and slip with them.”

Later following outrage, Shiuna deleted the post before issuing an apology. Regretting her action she posted on social media X, “I extend my sincerest apologies for any confusion or offence caused by the content of my recent post. It was brought to my attention that the image used in my response to the Maldivian opposition party MDP bore a resemblance to the Indian flag. I want to make it clear that this was entirely unintentional, and I sincerely regret any misunderstanding it may have caused.”

The former minister also added, “Maldives deeply value its relationship and the mutual respect we share with India. In future I will be more vigilant in verifying the content I share to prevent such oversights.”

Earlier Shiuna hit the headlines for her derogatory social media post on PM Modi over his visit to Lakshadweep and India’s relations with Israel. That incident cost her suspension along with two other Maldivian ministers.

Sunil Kumar Dhangadamajhi

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