Maldivian President Muizzu Praises Beijing Amid Row With India


Maldives: Maldivian President Mohamed Muizzu has praised the strong strategic ties between his country and China, emphasizing mutual respect and Beijing’s full support for the island’s sovereignty.

His remarks came amid an unease in the Maldives’ bilateral ties with India since he assumed office in November last year, reported news agency PTI.

During Muizzu’s recent state visit to China, both nations elevated their ties to a strategic partnership, and he highlighted China’s support for the Maldives’ development since establishing diplomatic relations in 1972.

China is not a country that would interfere with the internal affairs of the Maldives, which is why the two countries have a strong relationship, Muizzu was quoted as saying in an interview with China’s state-run CGTN channel, the PTI report added.

The President expressed his belief that his Chinese counterpart President Xi has assured him that the Chinese government will help the Maldives achieve its goals, the report stated.

President Muizzu said he wants to transform the Maldives into a country that works in harmony with other developed countries within the framework of his vision.

The comments were made amid a diplomatic row with India over derogatory remarks posted by three deputy ministers against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Muizzu suspended the three ministers after their social media postings, which stirred concern in India and calls for a boycott by Indian tourists who ranked highest in numbers followed by Russia. Chinese tourists figured third.

Muizzu has also asked India to withdraw its military personnel from his country by March 15.

Sunil Kumar Dhangadamajhi

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