Israel Allegedly Bombs Gaza University, US Asks For Clarity

Israel: A video allegedly showing the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) targeting Palestine University’s main campus building in Gaza is viral on social media. The United States has requested clarifications from Israel regarding the widely shared footage.

The video depicts what appears to be an abandoned university building before explosions, likely caused by bombs concealed within, erupt and send shockwaves in all directions.

US State Department spokesperson David Miller refrained from making any comments on the video, citing insufficient information.

Reports from witnesses in Khan Yunis, the main city in southern Gaza, described gunfire and air strikes. The Israeli military targeted this area, claiming it as a stronghold for members and leaders of Hamas.

The United Nations warns that the ongoing conflict, which began with Hamas attacks on Israel on October 7, has displaced approximately 85 per cent of Gaza’s 2.4 million population. Many are now crammed into shelters, facing challenges in accessing essential resources like food, water, fuel, and medical care.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reported 24 cases of hepatitis A and a significant number of jaundice cases, emphasizing the urgent need for improved aid access.


Sunil Kumar Dhangadamajhi

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