Pioneer of Progress: Pragati Institutions

Pragati Institutions has transformed the education sector in Odisha, achieving a significant milestone. Once known for its poverty, Kalahandi district lagged in education, but thanks to Pragati Institutions, this is no longer the case. Constantly striving to enhance the district’s educational landscape, Pragati Institutions is now recognized as one of the best educational institutes in Western Odisha.

For over a decade, it has brought about a revolution in education, combining excellent teaching with a nurturing environment provided by well-trained teachers and students. Since its establishment in 2010, each branch of Pragati Institutions—Pragati Concept School, Pragati Collegiate School, Pragati Higher Secondary School, and Pragati Degree College—has consistently maintained high standards.

Achieving 90 percent marks in the secondary science department was once a formidable challenge for students, but Pragati Institutions has made this a common achievement. Today, many students from the institute score above 90 percent and frequently become district toppers. In this year’s CBSE 12th science exam, Debasish Mishra topped Kalahandi district with a score of 96.4%, bringing pride to the region.

Previously, students had to leave the state for IIT and NEET coaching. Pragati Institutions now offers focused coaching, benefiting financially disadvantaged students and enabling them to excel in entrance exams. As a result, many students gain admission to prestigious institutes nationwide. Alumni of Pragati Institutions have successfully cleared entrance exams such as MBBS, IIT, Banking, OPSC, UPSC, and OSSC, establishing successful careers both in India and abroad.

Beyond academics, Pragati Institutions provides facilities for the physical, mental, intellectual, and all-round development of students. Students from various regions of Odisha now have the opportunity to study here. With the dedicated efforts of experienced teachers and motivated students, Pragati Institutions has carved a unique identity on the education map of the entire state, truly emerging as a pioneer of progress.

Sunil Kumar Dhangadamajhi

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